Emotional Quotient

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Name: Andre Suryana Yahya
Class: Dip15C
Student No.: DipBA1509

Emotional quotient is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power of your emotions to build relationships compatibility (Estes, 2009). Emotional Intelligence is one of emotional quotient which is very important to allow us to be successful in managing our lives, environment, and the people around us since EQ will helps us to control our selves better, make a good relationships and business deal that will impact our life so much. Emotional intelligence helps us to build our life. Generally, emotional intelligence divided into two parts, Intrapersonal emotional quotient and
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We need to have an ability to manage the relationships as if you could not handle it well, you will be in trouble, like fighting, argument, etc. The more you can manage your relationships and build a good network, the easier will you success in your work area as you get more knowledge from different people and different culture. Finally, emotional intelligence also helps people to have an ability to make a good business deal. A person that is having a high emotional intelligence might be more productive. They can face complicated situations and handle it well in right solutions. It means you can work faster than other people as you can motivate yourself with a right motivation to achieve what you want to. In addition, you can make a good decision in business deal because you can make a good partnership and understand what they want. We can talk and tell about our point of view in a way that is not hurting the other side feeling, with a way that people can get it and accept it. People with this kind of ability may probably have a higher possibility to become a superior performer and have high opportunities to achieve a good position in life as the company and people in the environment are trusted in you. In conclusion, there are two parts of emotional intelligence, intrapersonal EQ and interpersonal EQ. Emotional Intelligence brings a big impact in man life because EQ helps you to know our self and emotions better, in addition EQ helps you in managing
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