Emotional Response Created by Sparation

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An emotional response created by the separation between teachers and parents is the fear that the teacher will replace parents in their children’s affections. There are several conflicting emotions that the parent may have that contribute to this fear. One major conflicting emotion is competition. This includes competition in all areas. However, the main competition is for the child’s affection. The competition is intensified due to the child being attached to both the parent and the provider. Another emotion is insecurity. Parents can feel insecure then they perceive that they are not number one in their child’s eyes. Insecurity can also mean fear of abandonment or fear of being replaced. Parents may also fear that questions or…show more content…
To be a parent is a passionate business and it consists of anger as well as love. Parenting is a long-term affair. It is much longer than the majority of relationships in child care settings. Parents provide the continuity through the child’s life. Child care providers and teachers come and go in a child’s life, but parents provide the continuity that is needed. One of the issues related to role confusion that a teacher may feel or may communicate is the “Savior Complex”. This is when the teacher has the desire to rescue children. The teacher feels that she can save the child from his/her own parents. Many teachers feel that they can save the world through the work they are doing with young children. Anger and resentment is another issue. The teacher may feel resentment towards a parent that has a good job; attends power lunches; and dresses professionally with jewelry and make-up. She also resents the freedom the parent has to dress, attend meetings, and client dinners. She is also jealous of the parent’s exciting work day compared to her day of wiping noses, picking up messes, and changing diapers. However she remembers she chose this profession to be at home with her own child. Communication with the parent could be an issue when it is affected by the resentment between the teacher and the parent. The challenge for early care teachers is to understand that a family’s point of view about raising their child is valid for that family

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