Emotional Sensitivity And Video Game Engagement And Game Related Friendships

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Dr. Rachel Kowert (2014) and her colleagues conducted an experimental study that focuses on the emotional sensitivity (or ES) and its relationship with video game engagement and game-related friendships. ES refers to one’s ability to notice emotional and nonverbal cues from people. What they found proved most of their earlier predictions: 1) People with higher ES reported a leading number of online friends, both offline and only online, than people with low ES 2) High ES players will have a larger number of friends in real time transferred to online environments than those with lower ES (Kowert 2014, p.2). Although this experiment had positive results and a basic understanding of one of the components that makes someone shy, there was still more that could’ve been done to help better further their research. First, this wasn’t proven throughout a global population but only in Germany, so the data they have only suit that country and no other populations. Secondly, as said before, emotional sensitivity is one component of shyness that was used to determine the study. But then this means that the other components of shyness were not taken to account and therefore, can drastically change the outcome of the study. Because of these factors, it’s difficult to speculate the findings and calculate how people with shyness gain friends through video game interactions. On the other hand, Kowert has provided data on the subject and thus giving a starting point to this topic.
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