Emotional Survival For Law Enforcement

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Have you ever wondered what’s it 's like to be a cop? Or what cop’s families go through on a day to day basis? This book Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement written by Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D. gives us an outline on the difficulty and stress that law enforcement officer and their families face on daily basis. Dr. Gilmartin discusses the stages of hypervigilance. And the long-term effects of hypervigilance and the toll it takes on the officer and his or her family. Author Dr. Kevin M. Gilmartin is retired from the Pima County Sheriff’s Office as a Sheriff’s Deputy in 1995, he started his career with Pima County Sheriff’s Office in 1974, in Arizona. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. He is a principal and co-founder of…show more content…
Dr. Gilmartin believes that hypervigilance is the way law enforcement officers must view the world. He stated that “officer must learn to perceive the world as potentially hazardous in order to survive the streets.” Hypervigilance allows an on-duty officer to develop the perceptual set of skills for officer safety. Every decision made by officers is based on the set of perceptual set of hypervigilance. A hypervigilance officer may experience increased blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and etc. But effects of hypervigilance can take a toll on an officer personal life and psychologically over a significant course of time. Psychologically officers are faced with many dilemmas or better known as the hypervigilance biological rollercoaster. Which creates a condition of being up at work and down at home, during this stage officers may experience the feeling of being tired, detached, isolated, and apathetic. The hypervigilance rollercoaster is a biological cycle, that will self-correct if left alone for 18- 24 hours. During this stage is take an extreme toll on officers and their families. Many health professionals misdiagnosed the rollercoaster for depression, although they have many
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