Emotional Transference : How Emotions Took Control

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Emotional Transference: How Emotions Took Control Thursday June 5th 2007 started off as a normal day for most people in the Leigh Hills Valley (LHV) mall, the usual midweek consumers or elderly people strolling the shopping center looking for deals. However, that hot summer day turned into the LHV slaughter. All 308 shoppers and employees began arguing with one another over the next few hours’ violence escalated and 264 people were beaten to death (Stroud,3). First responders who arrived at the scene described the scene as “the bloodiest mess they had ever seen” and the atmosphere as “eerie and soul consuming” (Mathers,6). This unexplained event led to the theory of Emotional Transference, which many researchers believe to be a dangerous life threatening viral mutation. This paper will argue that Emotional Transference is the controlling force that oppresses the world as a society, through distorting reality, causing confusion and ignorance, and through creating a faux entitlement/superiority complex. These three symptoms combined and expanded to create the curtain between the world as it is now, and the utopian it can be. Emotional Transference was first a fringe theory, in the US. Dr. Bronwen Leo from Metropolis University, lead biological research doctor and president of sociological studies, thought otherwise. Having researched Emotional Transference, and publishing the world renowned book Emovouir, Leo began to understand the virus and how it progresses. Leo’s book is
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