Emotional Trauma And Physical Trauma

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Sitting in the middle of the floor was a sixteen year old girl who had just finished a basketball game. Usually after games, the girl would sit with the rest of the team to watch the boys play. Instead, the girl walked out of the gym with tears freely falling from her cheeks hoping nobody would notice them. After she had sat down, a few members of the team noticed her absence and went looking for her. The reason the girl didn’t want to be seen with tears was because some others on the team had been experiencing the same thing that she was. What this girl was experiencing was emotional trauma created by her male coach. The…show more content…
Although this could be called a minor malfunction, there are other people who have been hurt worse.

Emotional trauma could be considered the worst offenses that one can do. Living through emotions that seem to be out of control plagues the female player’s mind. “ I was a teenager, away from home, being subjected to daily emotional torment by a grown man in authority over me. Sitting on the bench at practice I was subject to daily verbal diatribes in front of my teammates. I was a ‘waste to the program’ and told by the coach that he ‘owned me’ and the girls I played with. That we couldn’t complain because he would yank our scholarship funds. He told the players to not speak with me in the hopes I would quit so he could take my scholarship money and give it to a ‘healthy pitcher’,” says Lisa Herbertson who is a former college athlete (Herberton). When acts like this happen, the female player inherits a lot of emotional turmoil.

There are many side effects of emotional abuse. Self doubt is one of the various emotional baggage that comes from having a male coach treating a female abusively. One of the major signs of self doubt is
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