Emotional Trigger Definition

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Emotions on demand , find the triggers

Your objestive is a sure possible way to move your audience. Make your self cry dose nothing for the audience there is know emotion behinde it. Lots of people can make them self cry but most people can’t move a audience. If you have a good ehough objective and you play is with furiious passion, the emotion will come through to the audience. iT is the homework you do with your character that is the most important step if your imargy is there so will the emotion. Emotional trigger is the “somthingting “ inside of you that trigger some sort of real emotoion. When you find your are blocked. Emotoncan be a phycial gesture, sensororial memory or complety from your imagion. It basically cn be anything that triiger
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By not standing in the way of it by demanding emtion but just letting it happen. You just need to invited and not put to much pressure on your self to be a sertain emotion. You can’t play emtion, but you can play the the want. You you master the want, you will find the emtion within your self. It just take pactice. When think about emtion think about the taste in your mouth, the touch, how you felt and what you thought other were thinking, if you tap in to your senses it will be a little easier to recall the full emtoion that you want. But this take practie. Acting is like a sport you need to work on it everyday to become more advanced with you craft. It is insane to think that you can just turn up and act with out any…show more content…
Be curious to th how and the why with out judgement. Everyone is differnt. There is no right answer. don’t be sacred or emberssaced about what make you triigers come to life, what ever they are. This will ultumity help your acting. In saying that look at your past is a scary thing you might not realise that something would ever trigger you. You need to be strong and you never no you my dig up some old stuff you thought you had forgoten. On the other hand it might bring nothing up, this is not because you trigger arn’t there. It might be that you have bocked them as it is a humans way of protecting your self. Make you you keep pushing yourself, beacuse the emton is there. It just hidding and its your job to find it.“Here’s the key: for something to be an emotional trigger, the image or the memory or whatever choice you make must not stay in your head; it should urge you to be physical.” larry moss. You trigger sould cause you to bahaovr in a sertin way. It sould be phyical, its not enough just to feel it. It need to be a totally imbodiment. You may not act on the impule but I should cause some type of reaction inside and
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