Emotions And Emotions In Hamlet

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Have you ever felt as if your mind was pulling you in two entirely different directions? Has there ever been a moment in which your judgement lapsed and the decision made was more rushed, opposed to one being thought out? Was there ever a point in time where you simply did not know which choice to follow due to the abstract differences in the results they might bring? All of these occurrences happened repeatedly within the play Hamlet. The main character or protagonist, Hamlet, is overcome with two strikingly different feelings towards the situation his life is currently in following the death of his father. He is initially filled with feelings of innocent despair and depression; however, those understandable emotions soon morph into blinding craziness and unhinged rage. The significant change in Hamlet’s emotions both drive the storyline as well as push the implied meaning of how thought processes work differently for everyone. Primarily, Hamlet displays feelings and emotions similar to what an average person might encounter following the death of their family member. He is wallowing in depression, and seems to be quietened with despair. It is stated by Gertrude in Act 1 Scene 2, “Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted color off, / And let thine eye look like a friend on…show more content…
He alters from innocent sorrow and depression following his father’s death to unhinged insanity and anger once he hears of his father’s true reason for death. Hamlet is constantly under scrutiny and this led to the way in which he chooses to handle his response to learning information about his father’s involuntary passing. The significant change in Hamlet’s emotions also pushes the implied meaning of how thought processes work differently for everyone. It is extremely noticeable of Hamlet specifically, that clear thought processes can be clouded by a desire to carry out crazy and revengeful
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