Emotions And Memories That Cause Us Pain

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Everyone has held a grudge against someone at some point in life. Whether it is over something small or much more serious. The anger we feel can make us bitter in many ways for years. Learning to let go of grudges/bitterness is something difficult for people to do, but it is necessary for us, for our well-being, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Why hold on to emotions and memories that cause us pain? The reason we hold onto grudges is because we are unable to let go of that anger we feel towards those who did us wrong in the past. All we really are doing is strengthening that identity as the victim, the one who was wronged by someone. You will continue being that victim but of yourself, because you are keeping yourself miserable with the memories. Truth is sometimes it is an attempt for us to get comfort, compassion, or empathy. Something we didn’t get in the past. It is like we are letting those around know that we are in need of extra kindness. It is a cry to be cared for and treated special because of what we endured. The only person that can truly change those emotions is ourselves. Holding on to grudges is bad for our well-being. There are physical effects as a result of the mental and emotional strain you place on yourself. When you think about the negative you have greater stress response. Eventually, taking a toll on our bodies leading to mental and physical illness, such as depression and even heart disease. Future problems such as, elevated heart rate,
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