Emotions And The Human Race

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There are many answers to why emotions are important. Emotions serve several purposes. Emotions play a vital role in how we think and behave. Emotions influence our actions, our outlook, and our personal characteristics. Emotions help us grow and survive. Emotions help us make decisions. Emotions help people understand one another. The list goes on and on because emotions are key to the existence of the human race. Without emotions the human race would be unable to function physically or mentally. According to the evolutionary approach to emotions, emotions are very important. They are the key to animal and human survival. Evolution states that emotions are passed on through genetic replication. It forms bases of behavior. Without…show more content…
Hardwired emotions are associated with the nervous system. It’s detection of stimuli and recognition of stimuli helps to decide what to do and then do it. Without this we would not be able to respond to emotional encounters. For example, we need the stimulus, to thalamus, to emotion and response to be able to react when we see a man with a gun. Without this brain and body connection to emotions, you wouldn’t be able to respond to threatening situations, decreasing your chances of survival. The biological approach to emotions is important because it connects the brain to the body in order to help further the survival of a species through interpretation of a situation and reacting to it. The cognitive approach to emotions explains how people’s emotions depend on their appraisal of an occurrence. Appraisal of a situation can determine the relevance of a situation. There are two types of appraisal, primary and secondary appraisal. They can help determine whether a situation is beneficial to someone and if so how they might benefit from the situation or if a situation is dangerous and if so how to cope. Appraisals are quick. The cognitive part of this is the emotion that occurs from the situation. For example, when you feel something, rather than just reacting quickly, reflecting on what appraisal you made leads you to that feeling. If you change the appraisal, you can change how you feel. The feeling attached to that appraisal determines
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