Emotions Are Power. When It Comes To Feelings And Emotions,

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Emotions are power. When it comes to feelings and emotions, there can often be disparity between how one feels and how something truly is. As the author of the article titled, “Invisible: Why Do People Feel Invisible?” Oliver Cooper writes, “One can feel that they are invisible to the world. And this is regardless of their physical impact on life, the experience for not being noticed exists.” Our self-image plays an essential role in what we achieve in life and how. There have been multiple investigations regarding the correlation between having high self-efficacy and being successful. Famous behavioral psychologist, Albert Bandura, was quoted, “Perceived self-efficacy is defined as people 's beliefs about their capabilities to produce…show more content…
If readers were to trace back the source of when and where Bastian’s problems began, it would be from the death of his mother. Following this tragedy, Bastian’s father begins to isolate himself. Bastian recalls, that his father was once, rather pleasant. He would play with Bastian and would tell his son stories. Bastian was aware that his father was grieving as well but, “there was an invisible wall around his father, and no one could get through to him. He never found fault and he never praised…Bastian felt that as far as his father was concerned, he was not there at all” (Ende 37). From the very beginning of the book, there is this disconnection between father and son. Cooper explains that children who experience unempathetic care from their parents in their adolescent years, are more likely to experience the feeling of isolation and invisibility. Children that experience being ignored, “will then lead to the ego mind concluding that one is invisible and the associations will then follow” (Cooper). The ego mind is a term to explain how children create associations with different actions and behaviors as “safe” or “unsafe.” The problem with this behavior, is that what may be considered safe, may lead to more pain and suffering later in life. For example, Bastian’s father believed that he was handling his grief properly by isolating himself from Bastian. Bastian eventually began to consider this behavior as normal and can
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