Emotions, Emotions And Emotions Essay

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Emotions are what drive us towards our peers, and they can be defined subjective states that trigger reactions reaction to either external or internal stimuli. On the other hand, these emotions should never be confused with feelings since these two terms form a distinct meaning and implications. Feelings tend to be brief while emotions have lasting impacts on the lives of individuals. Indeed, moods are strongly affected by our emotions rather than by our feelings.
Furthermore, emotions are also capable of affecting the physiology and behavior of the person experiencing them. For example, the emotion of fear can increase one 's blood pressure levels and in turn, lead to the secretion of adrenaline. Indeed, our behaviors are vastly determined by our emotions, and the way we respond to any stimuli corresponds with the emotional state of our mind. For instance, if one is fearful, he or she is most likely to stay away or hide from other people and avoid contact. On the other hand, if one is happy, he will tend to have greater conversations with others and seek contact with them. Pragmatically, our moral development is highly influenced by emotions. Take for example; if I angrily respond to violence against another person, I actualize violence as the right course of action whenever I am in disagreement with my peers.
Therefore, the points above serve to outline the role emotions play in our lives and personal experiences. The universality of emotion also makes it
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