Emotions In Art Spiegelman's Maus

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The most compelling page in Maus is the one when Anja and Vladek are going towards Sosnowiec although they do not have the goal destination. They are heading somewhere and hoping for the best. This story is narrated with the help of design and illustration and it is very interesting because it is based on the life story of the creator. Spiegelman designed the novel by keeping the illustrations simple and it is done in black and white instead of coloring. The story follows the lives of Jews who are being exterminated by Hitler and the Nazis and the design is simple because it emphasizes the story that is supposed to elicit strong emotions which makes the balance between the illustration and the content. This page is full of emotions especially…show more content…
The main characters are people who want to survive but there is a long and difficult way in front of them which they will have to conquer. However, they have already adapted to this kind of life and they are survivors. This page is interesting and admirable because of the middle panel where the readers can see Anja and Vladek from behind going in the unknown direction. They are singled out because other survivors seem to know where they are going because one of the people says: “We’ll be hiding at this address. When you find a safe place, try to contact us, Vladek” (Spiegelman 125). The survivors care about the well-being of one another. Anja and Vladek are depicted from the upper angle which implies their vulnerability and the fact that they have no shelter. There is nowhere to go and the only path is through the road in the shape of the swastika. It is clear that they are the survivors of the Holocaust, but it does not mean that they have solved all of their problems. They are alive and they have to find new life now which is going to be difficult. It can be observed from the panel that they are elegant and brave people and they are Art’s parents. They are holding hands, because their intimacy is all they have and they are probably wearing all of the clothes they possess. It is obvious that they were people who were not poor, but the Holocaust happened and made them lose their
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