Emotions, Knowledge, And Movement : Obesity

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Emotions, Knowledge, and Movement: Obesity Can Be Prevented How? In the United States there is an increasing number of citizens with growing numbers on the scale. I was in middle school when my weight transformed from fluctuating a little too high, to consistently raising without pause. I was diagnosed with a disorder at the age of twelve that kept my body from being able to clot my blood. Even the smallest injuries became causes of great concern. Before the diagnosis I had a hateful relationship with exercise due to my severe asthma. Yet because of my disorder I wasn 't able to participate in gym class throughout middle and high school, and that was the beginning of my journey as my weight spiraled out of control. The cause of my…show more content…
The biggest underlying factor of obesity is emotions, and the second is addiction. While obesity is defined as a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems, and that can be caused by many things, I believe tackling those with emotional attachments to food would yield the most quantitative and qualitative results. Beginning the process of weight loss with some therapy would help rework the mindset that food equals comfort into a healthier alternative that food is fuel. Therapy could even allow patients to discover new hobbies to bring them healthier forms of comfort. Therapy is definitely a great idea to begin preventing obesity in America. Society tends to see therapy as a sign of weakness, so if therapy could be seen as a necessary and acceptable tool, it would be able to help vast numbers of citizens. If children were required to check in with school counselors throughout the year, their mindset could be monitored and the emotional attachment to food could be prevented early on. Counselors are already at schools but are not always utilized. Such a simple change of having visits throughout the year for students is completely worth keeping an eye on future generations’ mindsets. Another way to help prevent obesity would be through nutrition clinics. There are clinics for a variety of medical areas, but none for

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