Emotions and Feelings

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Emotions and feelings As humans we experience many types of emotions. They are often classified as positive or negative emotion. Some lists contain up to 1000 different shades of emotion. There is some confusion over whether emotions and feelings are the same thing. We freely talk about how we feel when describing emotional states, and use the words interchangeably. Actually, there are only three types of feelings: pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral. There is a huge list of human emotions that we are capable of experiencing. Postive Human Emotions : Comfort, Gladness, Hopefulness, Pleasure, Joyfulness, Delight, Excitement, Satisfaction, Excellence, Peacefulness, Positive, Cheerfulness, Love, Pleasure etc. Also Negative human…show more content…
Art The Arts play a large role in our life. We use the Arts as a means of touching that part of us that we cannot reach with Physical Science, Social Science, or any of the Humanities. The arts allow us to be as specific or as abstract as we please. It helps us become closer to ourselves and to others around us. The arts play a valued role in creating cultures and developing civilizations. The arts teach us how to communicate through creative expression. Show us how to understand human experiences, past and present. Music, singing, dancing, poetry, and sketching are just a few of the different forms of art that I use to express myself in a way that I enjoy. Also there are different types of art, such as contemporary art, modern art, abstractionism, impressionism, minimalism, weird art and others. Each art discipline appeals to different senses and expresses itself through different media, each adds a special richness to the learning environment. Art teaches us how to be imaginative, creative, and reflective. Different art forms help us develop the verbal and nonverbal abilities necessary for lifelong learning. People listen to music every day, they dance, and sing. For many people’s art is a way of life, and without it they would be lost. Art is the only way to express one’s true feelings. Without art the world would be a dull and sad place. Picture
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