Emotions in Interpersonal Communications week 2 385 zinzer Essay

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Emotions in Interpersonal Communications Manuel Velasco BSHS/385 March 9, 2014 Dr. Zinzer Abstract One of the most important concepts of humanity is Interpersonal communication. Our communication skills vary from one person to the next. There are many ways that we communicate in society with one another. Communication consists of verbal or nonverbal communication. Each individual has a unique style to communicate with society that it’s made up of diversity. Emotions are powerful feelings that may change the emotional well-being of a person. Emotions range from the feeling of joy, happiness, fear, sadness, anger, hate. Feelings will define the happy life journey of one person or the destruction of another. Interpersonal…show more content…
These include facial expressions, body movement, posture and dress. Communication and Emotions go hand in hand, according to your feelings is the way we communicate and relate messages to other people. Successful communication often goes by unnoticed, while poor communication becomes obvious. It is important that we identify the factors that contribute to poor communication for example inappropriate language and sluggish body posture would not be considered effective interpersonal communication. If a client is in your office for their appointment and the counselor is sitting there rolling their eyes and constantly looking at the clock that will be considered to be lack of ethics and professionalism. This gives the client the perception that the professional is not interested in what they are saying. If we change the scenario and the counselor would be listening attentively to a client, he/she would be using the three stage model to explore, clarify and the action stage. This gives the client the impression, that the counselor is interested in their issues and wants to help them. The key to successfully work with a client is to create rapport between client and counselor; this will be considered effective interpersonal communication. Emotions are very unpredictable and will change in blink of an eye depending on the circumstances that happen. When

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