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If Emotiv manages to convince one of the console makers in time for a fall 2008 debut, what marketing strategy (in terms of price, channel, consumer promotions, etc.) would best facilitate rapid adoption? What kind of demand could materialize for the EPOC if it is console enabled? How about if EPOC is only PC enabled?

Marketing Strategy
The marketing strategy Emotiv should use for convincing one of the console makers such as Sony or Microsoft to debut it’s product, the EPOC, Emotiv should set their marketing strategy into four different part, which is product, pricing, place and promotion.
Firstly, the product, EPOC itself is a innovative invention in gaming industry and it’s USP (unique selling point) is that “it’s the only
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Thirdly, as mentioned in the article, electronic product retail center such as Best Buy and Fry’s are good place for EPOC to sell because those places can demonstrate to consumer how to use EPOC and test by consumer. In the meanwhile, if consumer were satisfied with EPOC, they can purchase other peripheral products such as games, or even consoles.
Last but not the least, viral marketing will be very useful for EPOC. Emotiv can provide free EPOC to some professional or famous game-player and ask them to share their satisfied gaming experience with EPOC on famous online game discussion platform or shot a video when they are using EPOC. These players should be famous enough to be an “opinion leader” in game industry so their follower or other consumer would treat their opinion toward EPOC seriously. This is what cosmetic manufacture did when they were marketing their new product through famous bloggers.

EPOC will gain more profit if it is console-enabled only, when compared with PC-enabled only. The retail sales console game is almost five times more than PC game as we can see from Exhibit 8 in this case. The retail sales of console software game is 6.6 billions of dollars, but PC is only 0.9 billions of dollars in 2007. Moreover, from this exhibit, we can see that the number of PC software game retail sale is decreasing year by year, from 1 billions of dollars to 0.7 billions of dollars in 4 years. Most of consumer purchases a
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