Empathy, An Effective Tool Of A Design Thinker

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Empathy or the ability to examine the world from different perspectives has been described as one of the principle personality traits of a design thinker. With reference to a real world entrepreneur and an associated business idea of your choice discuss whether you think that this is true Empathy, is far the greatest approach to examine the world from different perspective, not only is empathy just sympathizing, but it’s an effective tool of a Design thinker to perform relevant actions to meet potential needs and wants that are displays in both our internal and external factors, that of business, education, societies, social group or just the individual prefers. Design thinker is of great asset to helps gain a better understanding of…show more content…
I haven’t reference Steve job (not sure how to) Design thinking has ultimately provided methods and techniques for fostering empathy in a design philosophy (E. koppen C.Meinel). It’s seemed that there are no tangible techniques that facilitate the enhancement of empathy and empathic knowledge to product designing. Therefore design thinking process can be seen as an attempt of utilizing empathy methods form the realms of design in order to generates empathic perspective taking among businessmen or companies( Rogers 1975). Today design thinking contributes to the growing demand to be empathic throughout the design process (E. koppen C.Meinel). Design theories describe empathy as a crucial impact factor of design thinking (E. koppen C.Meinel) Steve Job design philosophy was based on focus and empathy by creating products that resonated on a personal level with the user, designing product with the user in mind to create effective connection and value for customers(R ). Throughout his work one important method that was consistently used were to incorporate empathic knowledge as a tool to foster empathy by simply positioning design thinking in user’s shoes, approaching the best interest of user rather then the interest of the business(R ). Steven job, approach empathy as a perspective-talking including both the involuntary act of feeling with someone as well as the cognitive act of positioning oneself into someone else’s lenses and adopting
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