Empathy And Other Vicarious Emotional Experiences: Article Analysis

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Wondra, J. D., & Ellsworth, P. C. (2015). An Appraisal Theory of Empathy and Other Vicarious Emotional Experiences. Psychological Review, 122(No. 3), 1-18. I'm doing this article because I sometimes have trouble feeling for another one's emotions also known as empathy, this could also help me and others with caring for people and their situations. The overall purpose of this article is to show how empathy and emotional experiences are linked. This article also gives various theories and ideas by world renowned psychologists. The theme of this article is how much empathy we have toward others in social experiences. A few new ideas and purposes of this article were when they talked about all the different Theories based on appraisal and empathy in certain situations. It’s really important to publicize these ideas because for one this stuff is very interesting, it could help others discover new approaches to situations, and it would very well help people themselves deal with empathy. The strengths of this article is that it’s very organized, each new point is bolded. When you look at each bolded section the article gives tons of reasons, examples, and theories for what they’re talking about.…show more content…
Readers may get confused when reading this and reviewing it like me. The findings in this article were very much important to anyone in interest of Empathy and emotional experience. The conclusions also are valid, they’re very organized and constructed well and to the point. Therefore yes I do agree with these conclusions that were made. The article was a little technical but still very much
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