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Empathy is viewed as an essential aspect of the counseling relationship. Discuss the difference between primary and advanced accurate empathy. What barriers exist to the development of empathy? How might these barriers be overcome?

Advanced empathy is a helping skills that consist of components: (1) the counselor’s understanding of what the client was feeling during the experience (2) the response to the client’s experiences based on the understanding of what the counselor understand when the client was expression their feelings. With advanced empathy the counselors are going beyond what they think the client is feeling on the outside and try to explore what the client is feeling or thinking on the inside. Advanced level empathy is also
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From a counseling stand point empathy is more meaningful than sympathy. Empathy is when we have the ability to understand and then reflect that understanding and those feelings back to the client. Sympathy is when you feel sorrow for someone else’s misfortune. Some clients come to counseling to seek sympathy and not empathy those types of clients want the counselor to feel sorry for them. Another barrier to the development of empathy could be the pressure we put on ourselves to say the right things. Empathy is about listening and acknowledging feeling and/or understanding. We may overcome these barriers by simply just listening for understanding and remembering that the counseling sessions are not for the counselor but for the client, so we must not impose our emotions and feelings on the…show more content…
Although there are similarities surrounding the client-center case and consultee-centered case the differences stand out more. Consultee-centered case, the focus is on the shortcomings of the consultee or the ecological-cultural determinants of the consultee. Unlike client-centered case consultation, in consultee-centered cases consultation the consultant does not deal with the client directly. The consultant mainly listens to the case and then pen points the most relative situations.
The program-centered administrative consultation has just one goal and it is to construct a new program or improve an existing one with the help of an individual or group of consultees. The primary role of the consultant is to help to consultee in the assessment for change. Consultant conducts meetings in order to assess with the problems and cultivate plans that will provide assistance to underrepresented populations.
The goal of consultee-centered administrative consultation is to increase professional functioning as a whole. These consultations should know everything about the organization, societal ups and downs, and the company as a whole such as individuals and
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