Essay On Role Of Empathy In Social Work

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Employees leave organizations for many reasons; such as the workplace not meeting their expectation, a mismatch between the employee and the job, there are few or limited opportunities for advancement, employee may feel constant worry from been overworked that may lead to discrepancy between work and personal life, or sometimes employees may lose trust and confidence in the chain of command. Therefore it is in the best interest of the organization and the recruiting staff to secure a good match between future employees and the prospective organization. Regardless of the setting as a social worker active listening is an essential skill that is required to fulfill this role. Practicum site’s such as the Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) it is critical for a social worker to listen keenly while asking questions and retaining verbally communicated information. This is how investigations are resolved within the forty-five days period according to organization policy.…show more content…
Empathy is the ability to identify with another person’s situation. Most social workers are empathetic by nature; in fact, empathy is a major reason people enter the profession. Being genuinely empathetic is vital because clients may become difficult if they feel you are pretending to care about their issues. Although empathy is important social worker need to be mindful by establishing boundaries between themselves and the client. Employees are the most important asset to an organization, good employees can build an organization by creating growth while bad employees can destroy the name of an organization, create a bad work climate, and destroy the organization financial value. Therefore, recruiting the right employee is important especially in a social work setting. The key to successful recruiting and reducing turnover rates is properly matching the employee with the correct
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