Empathy Quotes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To kill a mockingbird, a novel which teaches us many themes like empathy by always following right morals and doing what is right. Inside those life lessons the novel also teaches us something important as well. Readers can see the power of an 8 year old to defeat a mob, making them acknowledge what they are doing and “stand in the shoes of another”. We read that a total stranger who is isolated from society (Boo Radley) helps a pair of kids and ends up saving their lives. People do bad acts because of power, maybe they don’t know better or (most of the time) people choose bad because if they do what is right it is not going to benefit them. People who do right when it doesn’t benefit them often do it because of morals and having a conscience …show more content…

That proves something - that a gang of wild animals can be stopped, simply because they’re human.” Morals teach us to learn this, if we are ever going to judge someone (good or bad) and make an action about it first look at their situation and see what they are going through. Most of the time we judge people by our point of view. Yes, people in some part in their life do bad acts but in the end that doesn’t define what type of person they are. Everyone at some part of their life does something good, and we have to be that person in order to fully understand them. In the novel there is talk in school about Adolf Hitler in the newspaper and a kid started talking about him in class within the teacher and his classmates. The teacher (Miss Gates) says that she personally hates Adolf Hitler since he kills innocent Jews. Scout goes home and starts talking about the topic with her father (Atticus Finch), Scout remembers that every time news about Adolf Hitler was on the radio Atticus would suddenly turn off the radio and explain that he did so since Hitler is a “maniac”. Scout explains him that Miss Gates hates Hitler, Atticus responds her saying that “It is not,” he said,”It’s not okay to hate anybody” (pg

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