Empathy: The New Generation

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There is a question that has been said or thought of thousands of times before by many different generations of people. It is a simple question, really, but one that requires much contemplation and debate. That question is: What legacy will your generation leave behind for future generations? It is no secret that this current generation, the generation that I was born in, has been gifted with substantially different technological endowments than every past generation. With that in mind, it must be asked: what consequence has this had on us as a society? In a sense, could it not be articulated that technology has been equally disadvantageous as it has been advantageous? Yes, we could connect with people from all over the globe right from our fingertips, but is that really relevant if we sacrifice our ability to communicate? The advancements that have been made thus far are only the beginning. Our…show more content…
Although we have the ability to express our emotions to others, it is somewhat of an artificial variety. PJ Manney published an op-ed on regarding how technology has somewhat destroyed human empathy. She writes “These media outlets not only destroy empathy, but actually move the needle of a group's acceptable actions to extremes. As soon as you demonize an "out group" — whether in racist, sexist or political rants — you have destroyed empathy (Manney, 2015)”. In recent years especially, we have seen a spike racially charged rants. These types of rants that revolve around discriminating specific classes of people can be traced to the excessive use of technology and social media outlets. Media outlets, in my opinion, attempt to rile up people by putting out articles that can be easily misconstrued and misinterpreted. Empathy dies when people lose their sense of selflessness. Technology can be blamed for our generations’ loss of
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