Emperor Penguin: A Different Type of Bird

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Emperor Penguin ( Aptenodytes forsteri ) Have you ever heard of a flightless bird that swims, or a bird in which the male warms the egg? If you have your talking about the Emperor Penguin that lives in Antarctica( Southern Hemisphere ).The Emperor Penguin has a cool appearance and an interesting diet. The Emperor Penguin has a funny way to travel and to reproduce.We will see the uses of the Emperor Penguins. Now lets get started. The appearance of the Emperor Penguin is really tall for a penguin. The average adult height of the Emperor Penguin is forty-five inches tall . The average adult weight of the Emperor Penguin is about eighty-eight pounds.All adult Emperor Penguins have a dark backside.The dark backside has a camouflage from above to be hidden from predators. The Emperor Penguin has a light almost white shade on their surface to be hidden from below. The legs and webbed feet set back helps the Emperor Penguin keep their posture on land. The Emperor Penguin has a silk like surface to slide on ice and snow to get to their destination or to the food source. The life cycle of the Emperor Penguin begins in January-March the younglings feed. In April the younglings have a sixty to one-hundred mile march to rookery. In May the Penguins begin to mate, the egg will hatch within forty-five to fifty days. In June to July the male Emperor Penguins incubate the eggs from the mother. In August the eggs begin to hatch. In September to October they feed from the mother that
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