Empires In The Classical Empire Of The Maya And The Classical Empire

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Classical, to many the word may have a hundred meanings, the word classical can change meaning dependent upon the topic and will forever fluctuate in importance just like every other word in the English language. But the word itself is irrelevant to the actual impact of what it means. The dictionary definition of classical is this “of or relating to the ancient Greek and Roman world and especially to its literature, art, architecture, or ideals” The words in there that stick out are Greek and Roman world, the Greek and Roman world, however relevant those two may be they are not the entire history of our earth and its classical empires. The debate over which empires may be considered a classical empire will last as long as time itself. But how to make the argument for a society to have its name amongst those in the classical empire category that is the real question. Maya, an intricately developed society with innumerable amounts of qualifications to be considered a classical empire. The most prominently displayed one amongst them all is the rich style of architecture, the Mayan people are best known for their temples and the city systems that they built. They were very far ahead of their time due to the fact that they essentially created a city grid like major cities like New York and Tokyo use today and the created step like temples to have ease of access for the peak of their temples. Mayan architecture was developed in the classical empire of Maya. They developed their

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