Essay on Empirical Literature Article Review of Leadership Ethics

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Empirical Literature Article Review of Leadership Ethics
Lillie Johnson
LDR 800, Ethical Dilemmas and Stewardship
June 4, 2013

Empirical Literature Article Review of Leadership Ethics
The opportunity to evaluate original research serves as one of the many foundations to both scholarly writing and research (Grand Canyon University, 2013). Therefore, to enhance this process I will critique empirical research articles for the purpose of demonstrating the effectiveness in understanding leadership ethics. So, using the literature presented within in the works of “Predictors of Ethical Code Use and Ethical Tolerance in the Public Sector” by Neal Ashkanasy, Sarah Falkus, and Victor Callan along with “Advancing Ethics in Public
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Beeri, Dayan, Vigoda-Gadot, and Werner’s Approach
In lieu of the goal to test the relationships between ethics and performance within governments locally, Beeri et al., (2013) used questionnaires to evaluate the long term effects of an ethics program on employees’ perceptions, and the behavior in one council of an Israeli region. This as a result, stems from awareness of ethical codes, and inclusion of employees in the ethical decision making process.
Groves and LaRocca’s Approach
Groves and LaRocca (2011) utilized voluntary community-based leadership programs that targeted educational values on ethics. The leaders of these community based programs were emailed a link with instructions for participation with an online questionnaire. The assumption here was that training on both transformational and transactional leadership, in addition to ethical decision making and CSR would now be implemented.
Results Analysis
All in all, the results displayed by the analysis of each study correspond to the overall effort of the posed research. For example, supported results aligned with study hypotheses, but signified that certain mechanisms underlie the criterion for each of the tested variables on different levels according to Ashkanasy, Falkus, and Callan (2000). Whereas, Beeri et al., (2013)

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