Employability Skills

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Employability Skills: Employability Skills are those elemental experience that are necessary for taking, preservation and doing better on a job. These are the attitudes with makes workers enable to get simultaneously with their colleagues and managers and to make complex decisions. Unlike work or IT knowledge are in experience instead job specific and cut across all types of work enterprises. Even though the educational stage required by some admission-level jobs may be the lowest, educational or academic skills are still important for high job outputs. Even then more necessary to job success than gaining the starting academic skills is gaining good higher-level of thinking skills.(…show more content…
However, these are merely the tools of the information age. Information and knowledge workers need to know how to use these tools and also what the consequences and effects are of using these tools for business systems activity. The characteristics of ICT are that it: _ transforms business processes, making them more efficient and effective; _ can be obvious or embedded in the environment around us; _ can be used to create, store and disseminate data; _ can be used to translate data into useful information for decision making. Information is a fundamental resource and is often referred to as the life-blood of a business organization. Information is important to all types of organization and the right type of information can sometimes provide a competitive advantage over other organizations in information-based societies. ICT performs a series of fundamental functions within business organizations: _ Data and information capture: using ICT to capture raw data (i.e. facts, figures, images, etc.). The capture of data (and sometimes information) can take many forms. Data capture is not just about alphanumeric data (i.e. numbers and words). For example, a system may capture a person’s image and match it up to a database of images; a system could also be used to collect information from facial images, fingerprints and voice intonation, known as biometric identification; a system could also
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