Employability Skills Perceived by Employers and Students

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Chapter 1.0: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Problem Statements GET (Graduate Employment and Training) reports suggest that most employers find it difficult to recruit suitable number of graduates who can communicate while working in a team, analyse problem or manage their individual learning of new skills (Holden and Jameson, 2002). One of the most direct causes to this problem is the scarcity of quality graduates in the labour market, the graduates are accused for not being able to suit the graduates’ labour market needs. Employers recognize the number of technical skills possessed by graduates but not that of the non-technical skills (some call it employability skills) as the employers realize that non-technical skills are not strongly embraced by…show more content…
Other than that, entry-level employees with good personal skills have confidence and deal with others honestly and openly, displaying respect for themselves, their co-workers, and their supervisors regardless of others’ diversity and individual differences. With a positive attitude, graduate will take the initiative to learn new things to get the job done, rather than blaming others for owns mistake. 2.3 The relevant theory reviewed Table 1 shows the independent variables and dependent variables that can be found in all 5 journals. | |Independent variable |Dependent variable | |Cassidy (2006) |Student peer assessment |Development of employability skills | |Nguyen et al (2005) |Sources of personal quality improvement |Quality of those personal characteristics | | |friends | | | |parents and family members | | | |faculty members and
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