Employee Absenteeism

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CHAPTER-1 1.1 INTRODUCTION Absence is the failure of worker to report for work when he is scheduled to the work. A work is to be treated as absent for the purpose of this absenteeism statistics even when he does not turn up for a week after obtaining prior permission. K.G. Desai classified absenteeism in to two types viz, authorized absenteeism and unauthorized absenteeism. Authorized absenteeism is permitted absenteeism i.e, taking leave prior permission of an employer. Unauthorized absenteeism means taking leave without prior permission of an employer. Absence of worker on account of strike or lock out or layoff i.e, involuntary absent is not considered as absence for the purpose of absenteeism study. Absenteeism rate is the percentage…show more content…
While the older people are not able to withstand the strenuous nature of the work. c. The rate of absenteeism varies from department to department within a unit. As the size of the group increases, the rate of absenteeism goes up. This difference in the rate of absenteeism is believed to be due to the peculiar style and practices of management, the composition of the laborer force and the culture of the organization. d. The percentage of absenteeism is generally higher in the day shifts. e. The percentage of absenteeism is much higher in coal and mining industries than in organized industries f. Absenteeism in India is seasonal in character. g. It is the highest during March-April-may, when a land has to be prepared for monsoon saving, and also in the harvest season, when the rate goes as high as 40 percent. EMPLOYEE ABSENTEEISM 5 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Integra is a company with 1,500 employees and it is a developing company getting a new reputation in the field of e-publishing. So it is very essential for the company to concentrate in the employee’s commitment towards the work assessed for him. It is also easier to find the employee’s satisfaction towards his job by conducting a study on employee absenteeism which thereby helps the company to retain its employee, since it is found that there is a low rate of labor turnover in this company. So, this study will help the company to adopt measures to reduce absenteeism and
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