Employee And Customer Friendly Policies

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Zappos, Inc is engaged in manufacturing of shoes for retailers, individuals and organizations customers. Zappos initiated business in unfavorable business circumstances. Company survived the burst of Internet bubble and invested its own saving to keep the business carry on. The corporate vision is the main aspect of any organization because it either folds or unfolds its long-term goals and its objectivities. Zappos being the online retail giant in shoe selling has to restructure its policies and strategies for meeting the progressive demands of the organization or customers. Zappos considers their clients as key market drivers for whom they could mould their business strategies. The element of decision-making is very crucial for people like CEO’s because they have to develop employee and customer friendly policies. (Soll, L.Milkman, & Payne, May 2015) The online selling requires continuous cash inflows in order to maintain the distribution and supply chain systems. The decision-making by the corporate head of an organization are related with the generation of financial or revenue streams for continuity in its operations. After the burst of Internet boom, Zappos require more funds to run the organization, which are met by the management through personal accumulations. The organization at the incubation periods lacks proper or defined corporate strategies that might become an issue or challenge for its employees. The employee motivation is very crucial in online market. The
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