Employee And Non Profit Organization

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Non-Profit Organization wishes to protect its confidential information. Employee and Non-Profit Organization are entering into this Confidentiality Agreement (Agreement) to provide such protection to the Non-Profit Organization upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. In consideration of the foregoing and the mutual agreements herein contained the Parties agree as follows.

This Confidentiality Agreement is hereby made and entered into as of the ________day of _________ two thousand and fifteen by and between The Sunshine Initiative (Non-Profit Organization) and ___________________________ (Employee) who is of the legal age, of a sound mind with and possesses the capacity to contract


Confidential Information shall mean, but is not limited to, plans, processes, reports, financials, business or strategic plans, compensation, donor lists, and donors, client lists and clients (including, but not limited to, clients or donors of the Organization who Employee calls or with whom Employee became acquainted with during the term of employment) and any information relating or belonging to Organization’s clients, donor, customers, and any other third party individuals Organization transacts with whether furnished before or after the date hereof, oral or written, and regardless of the form of communication or the manner in which it is furnished

Organization Record shall mean any document or record concerning the business and
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