Employee Appraisal Is The Measure The Job Performance

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The purpose of the employee job appraisal is the measure the job performance. It is the process that management uses to determine how well an employee performs their job and communicated back to the employee. Employee appraisals provide companies with the metrics regarding the quality of work of each employee. It can also let you impartially compare several employees in areas where improvement is needed. The significance of an employee appraisal is that it is helpful in recognizing achievements and where development is needed. Also, it can be in helpful in motivating an employee to contribute more to their everyday job. There are several types of employee appraisals that can be used at any company. How can you determine which is the best method for job appraisals? Graphic Rating Scale Graphic Rating Scale is the most common and easiest way to evaluate an employee. This requires the employee to be graded on a scale of low to high (lower numbers being a poor performer and higher being an excellent performer) against their peers in several areas that have been pre-determined by the department and/or the Human Recourses department. The categories that a usually measured are the quality of work, teamwork, sense of responsibility, and ethics. (Chand A. s., n.d.) There is usually a minimum grade that must be achieved to determine if the employee poor, average, good, or excellent in each category. Some of the advantages in using this method is that it is easy to user friendly and
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