Employee Benefit Package for Bostic Colleges Inc.

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Employee Benefit Package for Bostic Colleges, Inc. Since its onset in 1966, Bostic Colleges, Inc. has provided quality college education to non-traditional students. This could not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of high quality employees. It is with these individuals in mind that Bostic Colleges has decided to revamp its benefit package. The company has thoroughly researched what employees consider to be the most desirable benefits offered by employers and based its new benefit package around this new information. The context of this paper will discuss desirable employee benefits in the Atlanta market as well as the new proposed benefit plan for Bostic Colleges, Inc., both mandated and voluntary. Desirable Employee Benefits Thirty-one percent of employees are at least marginally dissatisfied with their current employee benefits while twenty-six percent are completely unsatisfied (Fronstin, 2013). It is the hope of the company to offset these feelings of dissatisfaction by uncovering what are the most desirable benefits available to employees. It has been found that there is a blatant correlation between employees that are happy working for a company and the success of said company (Stanger, 2013). Figure 1.1 displays benefits that employees find to be the most successful. Figure 1.1 Benefits Most Desired by Employees Comprehensive health coverage with no out of pocket expense by the employee; 100% employer paid benefit On-site childcare and

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