Employee Benefits Of Lif Life Insurance

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From my perspective, I ranked in order the importance of the following employee benefits as part of a compensation plan. 1 = the most important benefit; 10 = the least important benefit. 1 - Health insurance plan 2 - Dental and vision insurance 3 - 401(k) plan 4 - Life insurance 5 - Short- and long-term disability insurance 6 - Paid vacation 7 - Paid sick leave 8 - Tuition reimbursement 9 - Employee assistance plan 10 - Childcare assistance I have a family so health insurance is at the top of the list along with dental and vision. We all wear glasses and my youngest child will be getting braces soon. 401k comes right after due to the fact that I am not getting any younger and at age 45 am now closing in on retirement. I know that social security alone will just not cut it for me and my husband in our golden years and I have to plan for that.…show more content…
In recent years I have experience personally how important life insurance is with the death of both my parents only five weeks apart. Funerals are very expensive so thank goodness my parents planned wisely. Short and long term disability is all so important. As I previously stated I am not getting any younger and I now things can happen, so I want to make sure I have income coming in just in case. Paid vacation, and paid sick leave are a little farther down the list. Paid vacation is actually very important to me so that I can take time off to be with my family, it’s just the five above are more important. Paid sick leave is really not that important due to the fact I have went eight years now at my current employer and never took a day off sick. I just do not get sick enough to take off work. And if for some reason I do it’s going to be something that will probably require more than just a day or two and then my short term disability insurance will cover
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