Employee Benefits Programs And Pay Structure

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Employee Benefits Program and Pay Structure
Basic Salary The pay structure of the District Sales Leader (DSL) at Nestle has traditionally been between $67,000 and $70,000 (Glassdoor, 2016). This salary range is quite competitive in the industry, and it does not include the potential cash bonuses, profit sharing, stock bonuses, commission sharing and other tips associated with the profession. Compensation for the DSL will be a function of the market conditions, and equity will be highly considered. This paper highlights an employee benefit program and pay structure of a DSL at Nestle.
Basic Direct Benefits
Health and Dental Private health care services are restricted for many people by the high cost, which compels organizations to look into helping their employees to access the services alongside their insurers. Nestle will provide specific health benefits for the DSL as highlighted hereafter:
• Accommodation in private rooms in hospitals in excess of the standard accommodation charges (Mattke et al., 2013).
• Emergency health care services for the DSL when working outside the country.
• All prescription drugs, vaccines, and any required medication.
• Private nursing care if required.
• Any appliances required by the DSL during the provision of medication, such as wheel chairs.
• Ambulance services during emergencies.
• Dental checkups and treatment that do not need hospitalization of the DSL.
• Professional services required by the DSL, including psychiatric, speech
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