Employee Compensation And Benefits Packages Essay

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Introduction In today’s competitive workforce, compensation and benefit packages plays a crucial role on recruitment and retention for both the organization and the employee. Bumpbie finds itself in a situation where it could positively affect its employee’s morale, turnover rate and longevity; by making a strategic decision to implement compensation and benefit packages that will encourage current workers to stay and entice new applicants. Money is not always the inherent reason businesses experience high turnover rate, the constant shifting in the job market will always be a contributing factor as well as employee’s moral. Mayhew, R. (2016), explains that an “employee compensation plan” refers to all the components offered as well as the way in which they are paid, and the reason behind the employees getting the compensation case bonuses, salary increases and incentives. The fact that there are voluntary and mandatory benefits that organization provides to their employees give employees the freedom of choice, as well as the option to make the whether to stay with or leave an organization based on the benefits it provides. Variable Pay is also an option that some employers offer their employee which is performance based or results oriented. Whether it is profit sharing, merit based programs or incentive bonuses; it all comes down to which organization can provide employees with the compensation or benefits packages that best satisfy their needs. How Benefits compare
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