Employee Counselor Leadership Competency Model

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Employment Counselor Leadership Competency Model Tim Bowles August 9, 2015 BUS-660 Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership Professor: Robert Freeborough Ashford University Abstract There are many reasons for organizational managers in justifying the need for full or part-time employment Counselor. Many large organizations, companies, and firms, employ capable people to help employees and employers with problems on the job. Job counselors, organizational intervention teams, and research groups are constantly being used to help solve career information, and personal problems that affect job performance. For this discussion, the focus is upon the competency model for job counselors. Many times employee personal problems can become company problems and managers are the first members of management to become aware of these difficulties. When employee’s personal problems cause their own work performance to suffer, the performance of their co-workers is also affected. The point is, that employees’ personal problems can have a “domino effect” as difficulties experienced by troubled co-workers, eventually have a negative impact on the organization. This discussion will also define counseling, understanding when to counsel, the basic counseling skills, interpretation and responding. It will also discuss counseling leadership and its competencies. Workers from the beginning of their jobs, always consider if management values their opinion.
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