Employee Discipline

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BUS405 Final Paper

Paula Glover
Labor Relations- Bus 405 004016
Professor Fred Brandt
Employee Discipline
September 4, 2010
Strayer University-Delaware County

Employee Discipline Employee discipline is one of the most commonly discussed issues in any organization, whether it is union or non-union. It is a matter that management must deal with on a day to day basis, and remain mindful of the consequences that can arise if not dealt with properly. It has been noted that about 40 percent of most grievance cases involve how discipline was carried out. According to the text and several articles the discipline
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The best practice that an organization could use for employee discipline would be the progressive series. The progressive discipline program impresses on the employee the seriousness of their infractions and provides the opportunity for the employee to make the proper corrections with the last result being termination. Most organizations today use the progressive discipline program, unless the offense is atrocious, such as stealing, selling or using drugs or alcohol, setting fire to the workplace or physical violence to a fellow employee or supervisor which would be cause for immediate dismissal. The steps in the progressive discipline are in an increase of penalty cycle. The first step is an oral warning where the employee in an informal manner is instructed in the correct behavior. The second step is a written warning this is when the oral warning is documented and placed in the employee’s file. The third step is suspension this is written as well as a day or a few days of unpaid time off. This also goes in the employee’s file. The final step of dismissal form the company is when all of the before hand steps have not changed the employee’s behavior. It is usually a last resort and the employee and the employer are both aware of this fact. If and when all steps
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