Employee Empowerment Contributes to an Organizations Success

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Empowerment is a powerful tool that companies give to allow each employee to become a decision maker. When empowered employees truly understand their potential, there is almost an immediate positive reaction in the both the company and the individual. For a company to realize success, employees must be trusted and empowered to make business decisions that are in line with the company’s governing policies.
The objective of this paper is to provide a better understanding of why and how employee empowerment is critical to run a successful operation. Employees and employers both gain positive results when the empowerment process has been successfully implemented in an organization. To properly empower an employee, an
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You enable your employees to succeed by providing them with the means, opportunity and capacity they need to excel.” Lawson (2006)

For empowerment to come to fruition, it can take years before all the pieces are correctly administered and functioning on their own. Patients and understanding must be displayed as new employees are brought on board and setbacks happen. The worst actions an organization can take are to stop embracing the free thinking of their employees and to discontinue training. Organization must keep their workforce engaged. As Gilbert-Jamison (n.d.) wrote “Bottom-line, creating and sustaining a culture of excellence cannot be achieved without fully engaged employees who feel a part of the organization, and that they are truly valued contributors to the success of the organization.” Organizations must support their teams consistently, provide ample training to new employees, and follow up with continuous training to keep the employee engaged. Support from all areas and a collaborative environment must be established to embrace creative thinking. With patients and time, the organization will become self-managed through employee empowerment. Correlation between Employee Empowerment and Company Successes

A successful company can be determined by many factors, including strong sales and profit, overwhelming
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