Employee Empowerment

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Employee empowerment is a growing practice. Imagaine acoorporation in which

Defining empowerment
Empowerment has a variety of definitions. It 's often described as the process of giving power and control to nonmanagerial members of an organization. Although this definition has merit, it may not be the most useful way to view the concept.

Empowerment has also been defined as the process of enabling employees to reach their own potential in ways that help the team or organization. This definition focuses less on control and power and more on managing human resources through coordination and facilitation.

The empowerment of employees allows them more control and responsibility over their work. Your role as manager shifts from
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Her immediate supervisor informed her that her primary goals would include improving morale among the LAN team and improving the operation of the help desk activity. He said he wanted her to "take charge" and turn things around as quickly as she could.

Sarah spoke to each team member and reviewed his or her credentials. They seemed to be a highly talented group of people, but it was clear that they were frustrated at the relatively poor image the team had with the rest of the organization. Sarah had received training in participatory approaches to management and had worked for a supervisor who had given his team members considerable latitude in how they performed their work. She believed that the best way she could "take charge" was to provide the vision for what should be accomplished and then give her staff the freedom to follow through on their responsibilities. She liked the idea of her team members owning their job responsibilities instead of relying on her to make everyday decisions for them.

Sarah told her staff that she was going to delegate many tasks and responsibilities to them and that her primary role would be to focus on the big picture. She would coordinate their activities to make sure the team was operating at the highest level possible. Sarah approached her supervisor to explain her plans for managing the team. He was skeptical about
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