Employee Engagement And Sustainable Talent Management

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The central argument of this report is to develop an in depth understanding of employee engagement and sustainable talent management. These concepts will be studied with reference to a well renowned charitable trust in the United Kingdom; known as the Dartington Hall. This report is expected to be of great relevance for more or less all those organizations that aim to work upon the proficiency and effectiveness of the engagement of their employees in the work and also upon rightfully managing the talent which they have. In this report, major emphasis will be laid upon studying how the management of the chosen organization; that is, the Dartington Hall manages its talent and keeps the employees engaged with them. In order to make the report more authentic and reliable, a detailed interview session was held with one of the key personnel of the Dartington Hall. Responses of the interviews have been utilized in this report at multiple stages so as to draw meaningful results.

Sustainable talent management is considered to be more than just a terminology; rather, it is a set of some crucial activities which are performed under the human resource head with the motive of exerting a pull on the talented individuals for using their skills and the best of their abilities for the progression and prosperity of the organization (Collings and Mellahi, 2009). The process of sustainable talent management is not confined to attracting the individuals only; rather, it also involves their…
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