Employee Engagement At A Company

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Abstract Have you ever worked for a company where you felt you had no voice? Perhaps you didn’t feel valued, which ultimately led to your leaving the organization. Employees have needs and there are consequences if those needs aren’t met. Although important, it goes beyond salary and benefits. Employees have voices and want to make a difference in their organizations. Machine operators want to be more than just button pushers and human resource professionals, more than paper pushers. Regardless of the role, employees want to feel valued. It is important for leaders to make their organization a great place to work by encouraging their employees to voice their opinions, thus allowing great ideas to flow and be heard, and then…show more content…
In addition to the costs associated with placing a recruiting ad (sometimes multiple ads) to the hours and hours of time it takes to find the right fit, recruiting alone is costly. Don’t forget about the costs associated with background checks and drug screenings. Even more costly than recruiting is training which entails not only onboarding training, but on the job training and continuing education. According to an article, there are specific patterns regarding cost and turnover (Boushey & Glenn, 2012):  With the exception of doctors and top level executives, the typical cost of turnover was 21% of an employee’s annual salary for physicians and top level executives  The cost of turnover for workers making less than $50,000 annually was 20% of their salary  More than half of workers in the United States fall under the category of being employees that earn less than $30,000. For this group, the cost of turnover is 16% of their salary. We can see from the data that regardless of the role, retention is costly. Therefore maintaining a strong stable workforce, while reducing employee turnover is vital to the success of the
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