Employee Engagement : Effective Internal Communication

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1. Introduction Employees enjoy involving in a corporate where they trust the people they work for, enjoy the people they work with and have pride in what they do (Mishra et al. 2014, cited in Carroll, 2006, p.1). Typically, an open, honest and transparent internal communication in a company is the characteristic of the positive work environments. The notion of employee engagement is a relatively new and popular one, one that has attracting a lot of attention for most of corporates and has been heavily marketed by internal communication practisers such as human resource consulting firm that offer advice on how it can be developed and leveraged (Macey and Schneider, 2008). Successful employee engagement is regarded as the enticing promise of increased productivity, effectiveness and profitability for organisations (Ruck, 2010, p.55). The company are intending to capitalise on effective internal communication, especially, finding the role of fostering employee engagement to gain benefits hugely. In order to evaluate the importance of internal communication to the achievement of employee engagement, this essay has been divided into three discussions. To begin with, it will examine the definition of engagement in a corporate with related theories and models. The second part will analyse why employees get engaged and how to drive for engagement. The last part will present the centrality of internal communication. 2. What is engagement? Definition of Engagement To establish a
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