Employee Engagement

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Effectively Using an Integrated Employee Engagement Program

Marilyn Field

University of the Rockies

October 3, 2010


Dr. Gary Shelton


A company’s level of employee engagement is a reflection of its core values; while at the same time reflects a fulfilling and positive job-related state of mind that is characterized by the resilience and energy of its workers. The following report is an analysis of a case study conducted by Hallowell (1996) to determine whether Southwest Airline’s organizational capabilities and employee needs are linked to competitive advantage. An examination of the data presented in the Southwest Airlines study reveals a significant level of employee commitment through the
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Thus, Southwest increases employee motivation, which in-turn creates value, and converts that value by employing operating processes and encouraging behavioral norms which reduces costs and increases productivity essentially capturing the value leading to Southwest’s competitive advantage (Hallowell). According to Patterson, Brenny and Maxfield et al. (2008), preparing for setbacks builds resilience by the company internally; using setbacks as guides, instead of putting on the brakes help to refine their strategies. One of the most unique characteristics of Southwest Airlines is that it motivates the employees with stimulating and enjoyable recognition programs (Southwest.com, 2010). Rewards and recognition of the day-to-day work achievements play a vital role in retaining and attracting employees at Southwest Airlines. This strategy provides recognition for worker’s unique qualities and individualized appreciation. Southwest’s employee recognition programs contributes to the high moral maintained in the organization’s culture (World at Work, 2001). According to Hallowell (1996), an employee is recognized almost every hour for large and small achievements on a daily basis at Southwest Airlines. The Southwest case study demonstrates how a focused human resource department portrays organizational culture and values, and how their use of employee engagement tools is aligned with the company’s competitive position. Employees who

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