Employee Engagement

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WPS05 Employee Engagement SIES College of Management Studies Working Paper Series The Working Paper Series would attempt to disseminate the findings of research in specific areas and also to facilitate discussions and sharing of perspectives and information about the identified areas. The papers carry the names of the authors and should be cited accordingly. The views, findings, and interpretations expressed in this paper are entirely those of the authors. They do not represent the views of SIESCOMS and its management. These working papers would be available online at www.siescoms.edu. No part of the paper can be reproduced in any form without the prior permission of the author. However, they can be quoted by citing the reference.…show more content…
It has a lot to do with emotions which are fundamentally related to drive bottom line success in a company. There will always be people who never give their best efforts no matter how hard HR and line managers try to engage them. “But for the most part employees want to commit to companies because doing so satisfies a powerful and a basic need in connect with and contribute to something significant”. Aspects of Employee Engagement Three basic aspects of employee engagement according to the global studies are:• • • The employees and their own unique psychological make up and experience The employers and their ability to create the conditions that promote employee engagement Interaction between employees at all levels. Thus it is largely the organization’s responsibility to create an enviro nment and culture conducive to this partnership, and a win-win equation. Categories of Employee Engagement According to the Gallup the Consulting organization there are there are different types of people:Engaged--"Engaged" employees are builders. They want to know the desired expectations for their role so they can meet and exceed them. They're naturally curious about their company and their place in it. They perform at consistently high levels. They want to use their talents and strengths at work every day. They work with passion and
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