Employee Engagement

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CIPD Managing & Leading People Employee Engagement Contents Page Introduction 2 Principles of Employee Engagement 3 Employer & Employee benefits of employee engagement which might accrue to the employees and to the employer 5 Opposing arguments which might be put forward against the implementation of employee engagement 7 Specific employee engagement practices and techniques which, in my opinion, would be most beneficial to achieving success within Tayside Contracts 9 Conclusion 11 References Appendices Introduction Employment is one of the main factors in a working person’s life. People work so they can live comfortably, benefit…show more content…
(See Appendix 2 for additional information on the principles of Engagement) Successful employee engagement should ensure a harmonious, productive employee and employer relationship and workforce ensuring maximum production output and giving the organisation a competitive advantage other organisations may find difficult to meet. The benefits of employee engagement which might accrue to the employees and to the employer. ‘triple win for the individual at work, the enterprise or service, and for the country as a whole.’ (MacLeod & Clarke, 2009). This statement emphasises the argument that Employee Engagement is a benefit all round for everyone, a win win situation. This is a strong statement implying it can change the whole country, however it would be interesting to see if more organisations developed these strategies. Engagement levels in the UK are low, Gallup (2008, cited in MacLeod & Clarke, 2009) suggests the cost if disengagement to the economy was between £59.4 & £64.7 billion. Therefore it could be argued that there is a strong possibility this statement would prove to be true however, due to the fact engagement levels in the UK are low, this remains to be seen. Studies have shown a clear correlation between engagement and performance, and improving them both. Also, links between employee engagement,
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