Employee Engagement From A Human Capital Management

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A discussion about employee engagement from a human capital management perspective would not be complete without some reference to compensation. Employees must consider their compensation to be fair and competitive. Otherwise, employees will either not be motivated to exert the discretionary efforts put forth by more highly engaged employees or worse still; they will leave the organization (Bersin, Becoming Irresistible, 2015). Therefore, organizations must pay attention to the area of compensation management first and foremost before tackling other areas of human capital management. However, compensation can also be used as a tool in improving specific areas to influence engagement positively. For example, reward programs should incentivize managers to coach and mentor high potential talent or compensation could also be linked to engagement levels at the departmental level.
The Human Capital Management classes and specifically my deeper drive into the topic employee engagement is very timely for the organization that I lead. As a small medical practice with limited resources, conducting employee engagement survey’s is normally beyond the reach of our budget. However, we recently took part in a free survey launched by the local business journal to identify the best places to work in the local community. This survey, conducted by Quantum Workplace, was primarily a measure of the employee engagement level within our company. While it was very encouraging to see that our
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