Employee Engagement Is A Top Priority For Most Companies

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Employee engagement has become a top priority for most companies and is a heavily used buzz word in the corporate world. With all the focus centered on this topic research shows that most employees are still not engaged. Recent surveys conducted by Gallup showed that active disengagement of employees is at a record low (Adkins, 2015). In our current economy companies need all the help they can get being profitable and maintaining a good company image. Good employee engagement can play a big part in that process. Employee engagement can positively or negatively affect a company on numerous levels:
• Retention rates
• Employee loyalty
• Customer loyalty
• Productivity
• Absenteeism rates
• Performance
• Safety
• Theft
• Quality
• A …show more content…

Some of the areas that Human Resources have an impact on are:
• On boarding
• Continuing training

Having a positive experience during the recruitment and hiring process is crucial to employee engagement. Human Resources is almost always the first point of contact that a job candidate has with a company and it can set the tone for their entire career. The recruitment process for a company should not only follow all legal aspects of recruiting and hiring but its own company’s policies consistently for each candidate. Consistency ensures that each candidate is treated the same and each candidate was given a chance. The recruitment process is a chance for the company to not only find the best suited employee for the job, but for the company. This means finding the employee with the skills and experience to do the job and the employee that will fit best with the culture of the company. If you bring an employee in that is not properly qualified for the job you are setting them up for failure. If you bring a candidate in that is not a good fit culturally you will also be setting them up for failure. A company wants to make sure that the candidate is a good match for the company and the company is a good match for the

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