Employee Engagement Is The Buzzword

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Employee engagement is the buzzword in any organization. Several articles and studies have highlighted on how to measure and manage engagement. This is an essential area in an organization to draw on because it translates into an organizational success. However, engagement is two-way process: organizations must bring about a design to engage the employee, who in turn has a choice about the level of engagement to offer the employer. Each reinforces the other. An engaged employee comes across a mix of job contentment, organizational commitment, job connection and feelings of empowerment. It is where the concept of synergy comes in, where a creation of a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Suzanne Hazelton, who is a leadership coach and positive psychologist, authored the article Positive Emotions Boost Employee Engagement (Hazelton, 2014). She has published several books on positive work life, the latest of her manuscript is Great Days at Work: How Positive Psychology Can Transform your Working Life. This particular article was published in Human Resource Management International Digest
a professional peer reviewed journal.
The target of the study was to draw attention to the strength of positive emotions in facilitating to foster individual and the organizational success. The approach of the author was to delve into the meaning of positive emotions, how they can be disseminated at individual and the organizational level and the advantages they can generate
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