Employee Engagement Is The Main Asset For Delivering Services

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Employee Engagement-The Leader’s Role
Priyanka Jain Dr. (Prof) Taranjeet Duggal Amity University
Research Scholar
Amity University

Abstract- Human capital is the main asset for delivering services and bringing success to their organization, hence employee engagement has become an important strategic aspect for the organization. This article aims at analyzing the role of leader on the engagement of the employees from a theoretical point of view. More explicitly, it embarks on the link b/w the leadership and employee engagement. This study suggests that leaders have an ongoing key role to play in making their employees’ engaged towards their organization. As this paper is descriptive, analysis of this paper is totally depending upon secondary data like research journal, articles and various website from internet. It can also assist the organizational practitioners to have an enhanced understanding of the relationship between the mentioned factors. The findings of paper could aid the leaders in enhancing the commitment of the employees.

Keywords- Employee engagement, Leader, Role, Organization
Employee engagement is a major issue for most of the organization even today, which needs to be resolved immediately. Employee engagement is fundamentally a

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